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Centrifuged Latex
Versatile Material Suitable For General Purpose

Fresh latex collected from rubber plantations contains about 30% to 40% dry rubber content,balance being mainly water.Fresh latex,because of the high water content and presence of non rubber solids,cannot be used directly for manufacturing any rubber product.Therefore a proper system for preservation and concentration has been developed.

Natural rubber latex concentrate is a versatile material suitable for general purpose applications,many specialized processes and products.It has high uncured gel strength and shows rapid vulcanization and excellent vulcanized properties,high tensile strength,high elongation at break, high resilience and low compression set.The grades just described have good mechanical and chemical stability

Different types of latex concentrates with a DRC(Dry Rubber Content) of up to 60% are produced by centrifuging process.Fresh field latex is preserved with added chemicals and centrifuged to obtain concentrated latex.The quality is improved by exacting higher percentage of water through centrifugal(suction) process, and ammoniated for the purpose of preserving and preventing solidification.There are two types of centrifugal rubber:LA(Low Ammoniac)and HA(High Ammoniac),Ammoniated natural latex is a high quality,high performance centrifuged latex.

Rubber is an important commodity in the world economy and an asset to mankind.The more socia economic development the more the requirement of rubber products for people in the burgeoning world population.Natural latex is one of the important raw material utilized for making various kinds of products in heavy industries such as automative industry,kichenware and household appliances.The primary applications include dipped goods(surgical gloves,contraceptives etc.)carpet backing,foam rubber andrubberized coir.In our daily life,dependence on products made of rubber is inevitable.A point to remember,in our daily lives from birth to death somehow we are bound to use rubber for various reasons.

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