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Quality Control
Quality Control At Every Level

Njavallil Latex pvt.Ltd. was established during the peak of the latex boom in the year 1992.We are one of the pioneers of Quality Centrifuged Latex manufacturers in South India.Since then,the company has earned the reputation as a reliable high quality latex supplier. Our product is not only well accepted in India but also regularly exported to various countries.The company is fully committed to the field of high technology in solid natural rubbers.At Njavallil a team of highly motivated and committed employees is very proactive in keeping abreast of changing market trends and requirements.We currently export our products to quality conscious buyers in Europe,Americas,South Africa and the Far East.

We produce processed rubber in accordance with the very best commercial practices in large quantities from plantations in Kottayam,the largest number growing area in India. We supply best quality 60% centrifuged natural rubber latex for surgical and examination gloves, contraceptives balloons,foam,adhesives,mattresses,rubberized coir,elastic thread and rubber products too.

Quality Control At
Every Level